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// PrintCloud software solutions

Serving the graphic arts industry

We help companies establish the best connections on a single platform. For this purpose, we offer ERP software, which makes the ordering process, as well as production, operate smoothly and effectively all the way to logistical handling.

With our ambition to automatize and connect everything in one system, we develop powerful Web-to-Print ordering portals for (print) communication.

PrintCloud is multilingual, multi-site, multi-currency. It is the ideal solution for starting an online printing business, but above all it is a solution whose performance and functionality will ensure the development of a long-term order flow.

// Our PrintCloud modules
Behind the generic term of Web-to-Print, PrintCloud has 10 complementary modules that are perfectly integrated into the customer’s package. 
PrintCloud is a 20/80 guarantee: 80% of our modules are ready to use and the remaining 20% can be adapted to our customers’ needs.
1. Product configuration module

It includes media (printing processes), product properties, format templates and their design.

2. Cost & Time Management Module

Each configuration is provided by a supplier.
Production time and production cost can be managed per production partner, product and range.

3. Marketing & Sales Module

This module arranges products, lists the selling price, defines segmentation and adds discounts.

4. CRM and order module

This module includes all customer and order information, regardless of how an order is created. All types of orders are displayed in this central location. 

5. Accounting Module

Through the accounting module, you manage the invoicing of your orders and reminders of past due invoices.

6. Production Module

The production module tracks the entire production flow by creating jobs, work items and forms.

7. Shipping Module

This module will allow, in particular, your delivery employee to choose the package and generate a shipping label.

8. Users module

Ability to create and manage multiple users (login and password) with different roles and permissions.

9. Reporting Module

Generate your reporting from the ERP PrintCloud like an overview of turnover, cost evolution reports (by product configuration, delivery cost...), as well as your production, marketing, and income reports.

10. Advanced Settings Module

This module will allow the configuration of the reseller's store or that of the supplier's partner (manufacturer, shipper)