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Digitalization of our client's internal processfor a better fluidity of its production chain

Client Overview

MercuryFlooring is a vertically integrated flooring specialist with highly automated production plants in Europe and Asia and a state-of-the-art warehouse in Belgium. The group offers solution-oriented products designed to meet the needs of interiors and exteriors, domestic and professional.


The majority of the customer base is located in a B2B retail market specifically focused on residential applications such as interior design, DIY, and food retail.
In the existing market segment, there has been price pressure from larger players, combined with declining volumes and therefore lower margins.
It was therefore necessary to think about bringing mass customization and made-to-order to the public and residential market, in other words, to move from overstock to made-to-order.

ELAVI Agency offer

Through the know-how of Elavi, we proposed to our client the digitization of the internal process of MercuryFlooring by the implementation of an ERP offering several specific modules, among others:

-Implementation of a module for planning and booking incoming orders that allows MF to optimize production time and cost.
-Development of a CRM for the creation and follow-up of orders.
-Continuous synchronization of databases with other external systems.
-Development of an e-commerce site with graphic design tools to ensure low-volume custom orders.

Project challenges

Like every project, we faced some complexities:

-MercuryFlooring's own specific modules allowed the planning manager to optimize production.
-Development of a complex algorithm that allows the calculation of the printing deadline by configuration choice and by date.
-Implementation of different screens to follow the transformation of a roll into a part and ensure the traceability of the production.
-Management of several API/webshop/ERP order channels.
-Sustainable solution that can develop more order entries in the future.

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We had real buy-in from our prepress and design teams very quickly. Everyone got involved with enthusiasm and this is also one of the reasons for the success of our digital transformation. 

Elavi has accompanied us very well and the PrintCloud solution has democratized digital within the company. This constantly generates new needs because users quickly realize what they can do differently to improve their work and the follow-up of the Printfil production chain up to the logistics and the shipment of the carpet to the final customer.

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